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About me

Niels Edcius

IT Student from the Netherlands

The IT world is changing all the time. As a student I constantly meet new techniques. With my ambitious personality I am always trying to apply these new techniques in my work.

I am a perfectionist in the field of design, and a hard worker with an eye for detail. Team spirit is very important to me, accomplishments can be celebrated. "I can’t" is not in my dictionary. " consider it done" is my slogan!

About Me


Read more about my work experience in IT and the educations that I followed.

Work in company
"Basis Bay"


internship abroad "Malaysia"

Basis Bay is a provider of IT Infrastructure and managed data center services. It was established in 1996, with a focus in the premium Enterprise IT Space. Basis Bay has a presence in 22 countries throughout the world servicing over 300 clients primarily international financial services multinational companies.

During my internship within Basis Bay I worked for several departments. One of the departments was the Sales department. For which I did market research to improve the strategy of gaining new clients. I participated in numerous stand-up meetings based on the SCRUM methodology to listen and share to eachothers ideas. For the Solutioning department, I provided a solution for a ‘smoother’ process by holding interviews with colleagues to eliminate bottlenecks and other obstacles by automatize the process as much as possible. My main objective however, was to create a software selection program about multiple Business Intelligence tools that we could use to improve are information gathering that will help the company expand and grow better and faster.

  • DESTEP Analyses
  • Process improvements
  • Company researches
  • Functional Designs

Work in company "Surelock"


Worked on project "Watson"

Surelock helps SMEs in the field of corporate cyber crime. Surelock has now reached a growth ceiling. To solve this problem and to grow as a company, it has been decided to automate a large part of the services. Surelock has asked me for help to process these services into a platform.

In order to design the platform, I gained knowledge of the ISO standards 27001 & 27002. But also, knowledge about the legislation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). I had to make a presentation about this subject in order to get my approval on working on this project.

  • ISO 27001, 27002
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ITIL V3
  • DevOps & OTAP

Studying at "The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences"


Business IT & Management

As a BIM’er you will bridge the gap between IT Technology, organizations and employees. In every change in the business process into account.

You map information flows, wishes and requirements, guide the core functionality and data storage and transfer this to the specialists who build the software system. You do that by thinking from the wishes of the users, not from the technology. Sometimes you operate as a real diplomat, for example when users are not satisfied with a software program, then you are actively involved in the price quotation for an assignment. You are someone who keeps an overview of projects rather than knowing everything about technology.

The BIM'er is a manager with specialisms in business administration and IT and knows how to apply and deploy this in many ways. In short, as a BIM'er you like to have an overview and to come up with solutions for all kinds of problems.

Work in company "Port-IT"


Internship Application Developer / webdesign

Port-IT is an all in one specialized Maritime business IT supplier. they supply a wide range of IT products and services for the vessel needs. Port-IT is very flexible in delivering service on too vessels.

As an application developer at Port-IT you need to know alot about IT network architecture, because most of the applications you make have a correlation with that topic. At the time I was doing my internship, i was working on the web application "Vessel Visit".

The vessel visit system knows three things: planning, registering and monitoring of tasks to do on a vessel. In the application you can plan tasks for the engineers of Port-IT. These Tasks are ships that could need a new network, network that has to be changed or ships that have IT related problems. The system shows the task information, Estimated time of arrival (ETA) & Estimated Time of Departure (ETD), where the ship docks and when the engineer is welcome on the ship.

The vessel visit system also has an option to enter the travel data, register executed tasks and used items on the task. It also allows you to make service reports online. The service report contains the information of the used tasks that the engineer has executed with a signature of the customer. The service report can be uploaden and downloaded on and from the system.

If the engineer changes the tasks prefences, the system will send an automatic email too the contactperson to keep him updated.

At the internship i used the following tools:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Ajax Calls
  • MySQL
  • FuelPHP framework

Studied at "ROC Albeda College"


Application Developer

I made life a lot easier by making new apps and applications as an application and media developer. I designed, developed and together with my fellow students I created different work environments from scratch. During my study I created all kinds of software. Like application software, network software, web-based applications, games, other entertainment software and interactive information carriers, such as DVDs. I worked together with designers, network administrators and communication specialists. When the application was ready, I made sure that the application was tested and ready for deployment. I was always making an application with a purpose. I therefore listed carefully to the people who I had to work with it.

During my study i came across with the following programming languages:

  • JAVA
  • HTML5
  • CSS & LESS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL

Work in company "Digisource"


Internship ICT Support Assistant

Digisource is an all round IT provider for SME Companies. They have there own helpdesk that provide the service to eliminate all IT problems.

  • Helpdesk
  • Microsoft Server 2003/2008/2012
  • Microsoft Office
  • Hardware
  • Backups

Studied at "ROC Albeda College"


ICT Support Assistant

As an ICT support assistant, I was a key figure within the organization. I knew exactly how I needed to support the users, write manuals for them and maintain the network and computers. And if there was something still broken? Then I could start repair or replace the problem. I installed and maintained hardware and software. But also supported employees who had problems with their computer. To help them get started, it was important that I was customer-oriented and can communicate clearly. I worked independently but worked together. Sometimes different work needs to be done at the same time. I ensured that this went smoothly!

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  • Editing skills
  • Programming skills
  • Business intelligence skills
  • Business & management skills
Adobe CC
jQuery & JavaScript
Microsoft Power BI
MS SQL Server Management Studio
SQL & Databases

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Sign language (NmG)

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